Pledge of Competition

Member Boards and Associations of The Canadian Real Estate Association support free and open competition. We believe in the principles embodied in the Competition Act of Canada.

Therefore we adhere to a Code of Conduct which includes the following standards:

  • Commission rates or fees members charge for services offered to the public, and the division of those fees among cooperating members, are solely the choice of those providing the services.
  • A brokerage may offer any variety of services e.g. exclusive, open, MLS® listings etc. Boards and real estate Associations accept MLS® listings regardless of the price, commission rates or fees, or the division thereof.
  • Advertising by members and non-members is subject to the discretion of the individual, as long as it is honest and lawful. We encourage creative, competitive choice in the services advertised to the public.
  • The business relationships between broker members, their salespersons and non-members is theirs to determine. With regard to Board and Association membership, members may choose for themselves to work full or part time, as long as they remain available to serve the public on a regular basis and provided provincial enabling legislation does not otherwise authorize a limitation of such choice.

All members are required to meet uniform and reasonable financial and educational standards. They are required to demonstrate integrity and character necessary to protect the public. By using the MLS® and REALTOR® trademarks, all member Boards and Associations of The Canadian Real Estate Association proclaim adherence to these principles, designed to preserve free and open competition.