Get Involved!

NLAR is your Association, and as a REALTOR® we want you to consider running for our Board of Directors.  These are challenging times in our industry so your Association needs your involvement, your leadership and your strategic thinking.

The Board of Directors set the policies, rules and regulations that guide how we as an industry operate throughout the province. They set the strategic directions that NLAR staff put into operation, affecting how each and every one of us conduct our business.  We are looking for new ideas, new thoughts and new people to get involved in the governance of our industry Association.

Nominations for vacancies on the Board of Directors are now open and will be closing March 14, 2017.

If you are considering running for a position on the Board of Directors or wish to nominate someone for a position please complete the nominations forms attached and forward to the NLAR office before close of business on March 14. 

For the fourth consecutive year, the election voting will be held entirely online. Instructions on the use of the online voting system will be sent to all members prior to the launch of the election which is scheduled to run from April 12th – 13th. 

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for April 28th in St. John’s, where the new Board members will be installed. There will be no speeches taking place from the candidates. 

Once again we urge you to consider placing your name on the nomination list for the 2017-18 Board of Directors.

What exactly is the Board of Directors (BOD) 
The board of directors is the governing body for the Association who have the fiduciary responsibility for the running of NLAR.

The board generally meets monthly, except over the busy summer months, and holds two general meetings per year (the spring Annual General Meeting and the fall General Meeting).

Each member of the Board of Directors will also take on Committee responsibilities at the request of the President. This could be standing committees of the board, such as the MLS® Committee or the Government Relations Committee, or task forces as they are created to deal with matters as they arise throughout the year.

NLAR’s board of directors consists of 12 elected positions; some of these are regional positions while others are provincial.

President Elect
Past President
Regional Director (x4)
Director-at-Large (x3)
Broker Director

In order to run for the President-Elect position, a member must have served on the Board of Directors in at least two of the last eight years.  To stand for Treasurer, a member must have served on the Board for at least one of the last eight years.

What does the Board of Directors Do?
Association board members, like all board members for non-profit organizations, have three legal obligations: duty of care, duty of loyalty, and duty of obedience. In addition to these legal obligations, there is a lot of practical work that the board undertakes. These generally fall under the fiduciary responsibilities of the board and include:

• Overseeing Financial Performance
• Setting Strategy
• Setting and Reviewing Legal Policies
• Managing the Chief Executive Officer

How do Nominations and Elections Work?
To be nominated for a position you must have two separate ‘Nomination Signatures’ submitted for you on a nomination form.

Once nominated, you will be asked to provide more information such as your bio as well as a photo and contact information. We only accept nominations during a short (two to three week) window, so make sure you get your nomination forms into the NLAR office if you are planning to run.

Voting is then done online and the election will be open for exactly one day (24 hours). Elections for positions are held in the spring each year before the Annual General Meeting.  This year the elections will be on April 12-13.

Who Can Run? How do I Run? What do I do?
Any and all members are welcome to run for the board of directors, and we welcome all candidates. There are only a couple of criteria that a member must meet before they are eligible to run for a Board of Directors position.

SECTION 8.2 – Qualifications of Directors

8.2.01 Every Director must:

(a) be a Member in Good Standing,
(b) have been a REALTOR® for at least 2 consecutive years,
(c) have actively served on at least one Committee or Task Force of the Association,
(d) be at least nineteen (19) years of age,
(e) not be mentally incompetent as found by a court in Canada or elsewhere, and
(f) not have the status of a bankrupt

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